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Bimmerfest 2016

Klutch Wheels will be at Bimmerfest this weekend at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana CA 


Since 2012 Klutch Wheels has been making a name for itself in the JDM, Euro Community as premier after market wheel brand. To further expand Klutch we are excited to announce that Klutch Wheels will be starting an Official OFFROAD Line which aims to retain our Klutch Precious Metals Roots and introduce them to a brand new audience.  We currently have our KT01 and KT02 Available in 20x9  both of these wheels are currently in stock in both Matte Black and Gunmetal. If you would like any further information email us at


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Honda Civic w/ Custom SL1
Honda Prelude
Honda Civic EK w/ Klutch SL1